West Slope Guide Service, LLC. Serving Washington, Idaho and Montana

Westslope Guide Service seeks to serve the people

who's paths we have crossed

in a way that leaves the world a better place.

Serving people, who have placed their trust in us, in a safe and ethical mannor is the responsibility of any good guide. We strive to assist Outfitters  by providing a quality staffing resource to help their busines succeed, and in doing so assure our own success.  Caring for peoples needs and safely showing them a good time in the out of doors is a great opportunity.  We hope to survive and prosper  at this endeavor in a way that reflects respect for our guests and for nature. We wish to associate with people who share our appreciation for nature and recognize the need to give  care to the system to be able to gained from it.  My father once told me that he was anxious to take me out hunting and fishing because things had changes so much from when he was a child.  Now I have seen changes as well some good and some terrible.  But I have also come to realize that nature is forgiving and that God has created a system that allows for mistakes.  All we need to do is watch and listen and learn... so we can correct and avoid issues in the future and to pass that recognition and knowledge on to our predecessors.

As guides to the best outfitters in the  Pacific  Northwest, we live in harmony with the men and women who have sacrificed to live their dream. To the Companies we support, especially Orvis and Patagonia, we know that businesses willing to give a portion of their earnings back in meaningful way  assures continuity of our resources. In the organizations we support ( Trout Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Safari Club International) we know our contributions matter and good things happen as a result of the collected  hard work of like minded individuals.  In the process of guiding, we find that we are rewarded with the pleasure of sharing our knowledge and experience with others thirsty to drink from natures stream.  Our world seems determined to limit our ability to have an opportunity to appreciate nature, catch a wild fish or help harvest an animal to maintain the balance within a habitat.  We take pride our approaches to helping people come to understand ways to appreciate what  is contained in our natural  world, how it can be cared for and perhaps even enhanced... if we only try. 



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